Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hamza Bin Laden
Hamza bin Laden, son of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, has urged followers of the group to wage ‘jihad’ on US and its allies, according to a BBC report.

In an audio message released by al Qaeda website, which it claimed to be from Osama’s son, Hamza called upon followers in Kabul, Baghdad and Gaza to wage war on Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

This is the first time the militant group has presented Hamza as an official member of al Qaeda.

Hamza’s whereabouts are not known.

During the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Al-Jazeera network broadcast footage that appeared to show him among Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Since Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid on his compound in Abbotabad in 2011, Ayman al-Zawahiri has been leading the group.

According to documents confiscated from bin Ladens’ Abbottabad hideout by US forces, and released earlier this year, the al Qaeda supremo wanted to nurture Hamza as his successor in the group.

Hamza was due to travel to Abbottabad to join his father when US forces raided the hideout.

Friday, 7 August 2015

ISIS Executing woman 

According to Kurdistan Democratic Party, Islamic State (ISIS) militants executed 19 women in Mosul, Iraq for refusing to have sex with the group’s fighters.

The penalty decision came on the background of the refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad.

Over a year ago, when the IS took over the city of Mosul, the group demanded that people handover their unmarried daughters for fighters.

“We call upon the people of this county to bring their unmarried girls so they can fulfill their duty in sex jihad for their warrior brothers in the city and anyone who will not appear will feel the full force of the Sharia upon him.”

‘Sexual jihad’, a term coined by the group refers to the practice of women offering themselves sexually to fighters in order to lift their morale to continue the fight for the establishment of the Islamic state.

The Kurdish Democratic Party spokesperson also revealed that the ranks of IS have undergone divisions in Mosul due to conflicts over the issue of money distribution and women.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

bomb blast at KSA

Abha : A mosque in Saudi Arabia used by Interior Ministry special forces in the southwestern city of Abha came under attack of ISIS bomb attack, killing 17 people, according to the official Saudi Al-Ekhbariya news channel

A Saudi Interior Ministry official told the Associated Press that the bomb targeted police trainees as they were in the middle of prayer.

State media reported that the mosque belongs to an Interior Ministry emergency services' post in Abha.

Ekhbariya said at least 10 of the dead were members of the security forces.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But blame is likely to fall on ISIS (Daesh) , whose local affiliate has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks in recent months.

A suicide bomber that struck a mosque in the eastern village of Al Qudeeh in May killed 22 people. That was the deadliest assault in the Kingdom in more than a decade, and was followed a week later by another suicide bombing attack outside another mosque that left four dead.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Russian Forces - Photo by Reuters
Russian authorities announced that its security forces had killed eight terrorists having affiliation with Islamic State (ISIS), after a firefight in the North Caucasus region, west of Chechnya, reported by AFP

Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) made the announcement on Sunday evening after Russian forces ambushed the militants early on Sunday morning in the southern republic of Ingushetia.

"According to information available to the security services, the militants killed in the operation had recently pledged allegiance and became members of the Islamic State international terrorist organization. All of them were complicit in a number of crimes of a terrorist nature, including the killings of law enforcement officers and the extortion of money from entrepreneurs," the statement from the NAC said.

One of the men killed during the fight, Adam Tagilov, was said to be the leader of the group. Tagilov was suspected of being behind the December 4 terror attacks in the city of Grozny in Chechnya, according to the NAC.

ISIS declared its intention to expand its 'Caliphate' into the North Caucasus region of Russia in June, following a pledge of allegiance by the Caucasus Emirate, a large militant group based primarily in south-western Russia which was formally affiliated with al-Qaeda.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Photo by Dawn News

An important commander of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, Omar Abdul Latif alias Luqman, was killed and her wife, women wing Head Tayyaba arrested in a raid by security forces in the Balochistan Province near the Pakistan-Afghan border.

According to details, Security forces have killed a senior Al-Qaeda commander and detained his wife in an overnight raid on his hideout in Balochistan province, provincial home minister said.

The security forces also took the couple's two young daughters into custody during the raid in the Chaghi district.

The minister said Umar Lateef, his wife Tayyaba, one brother and two daughters both aged under five had lived in Chaghi for the last 8-10 months after moving from the Afghan border province of Nimruz.

Punjab province had offered a reward of $20,000 for Lateef and $5,000 for his wife, who was head of Al-Qaeda's women's wing in south Punjab and Balochistan.

The home minister said that Omar Lateef was striving to establish the Al-Qaeda Subcontinent Centre in the area.

Photo by AP

PALESTINE : Baby was burnt by Israeli settler attackers, Israeli Prime Minister term it as terrorist act,will use all legal means possible to catch the killers of toddler Ali Dawabsha and bring them to justice.

The aim of the settler attack on Palestinians in the village of Duma was to embarrass the pro-settlement Israeli government even though it had simultaneously approved the building, "immediately", of 804 new Jewish settlements in Beit Eli and in Jerusalem.

The settlers' heinous attack, which probably came from the nearby Maleh Efraim settlement, is said to be part of a continuous wave of attacks on Palestinians by settlers, reported by Al Jazeera. 

Reacting on this attack, Israeli PM Netanyahu said, What differentiates Israel from its neighbors is that “we denounce and condemn these murderers and will chase them [until we find them], while [our neighbors] name streets after those who kill children.”

Since 2004, settlers had committed 11,000 attacks against Palestinians, and that all those cases were registered by Israel as acts committed by unknowns after superficial investigations for a few hours, and then the cases were closed.

Let see what happen to this terror attack.