Friday, 17 July 2015

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LONDON : British Premier David Cameron gives green signal for the launch of SAS Operation, RAF Air strikes and Drone attacks against the militant group ISIS.

The fight against ISIS will be intensified with a sharp increase in SAS operations, drone missions and RAF strikes on militants in Iraq and Syria from UK forces. 

The reason for latest operation is ISIS has become firm in both states and want to export their influence in other countries also. 
RAF Tornados and unarmed Reaper drones have flown more than 1,000 missions in Iraq and Syria and struck more than 300 targets in Iraq since September as part of a US-led coalition.
Mr David Cameron has told military top brass he wants them to escalate the action in the two countries and to prioritize special forces and “counter-terrorist capabilities” in defense spending plans for the rest of the decade, to be published in the autumn.
SAS missions could be operated from Britain’s largest-ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth. The aircraft carrier, which will also be adapted to launch drone flights, is due to be launched next year.
Prime Minister’s move makes clear that he wants much of the extra cash to be focused on combating the evolving threat from terrorism, increasing defense budget to 2 percent of GDP. 

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