Sunday, 26 July 2015

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WASHINGTON : United States strongly condemned the PKK's recent terrorist attacks and called on the organization to renounce terrorism and re-engage in peace talks with Turkey in a statement released from White House.

Statement was issued just after the Turkish Air strikes against militants of Islamic State (IS) and PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) in Iraq and Syria. 

U.S. still designates the PKK as a terrorist organization and respects its NATO ally's(Turkey)  right to self-defense.

The Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) was formed in 1978 and has been fighting the Turkish government for an independent state. The group then shifted its goal to autonomy in predominately Kurdish inhabited regions of Turkey. 

The PKK group is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union and Turkey.

One of High ranking U.S. official commented on Turkey's military operation against the PKK, writing on Twitter, a social website, that there was no connection between the airstrikes and the recent understanding to intensify U.S.-Turkish cooperation against ISIS.

United States assured that they will fight till the end of terrorism and need cooperation from the rest of world. 


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