Sunday, 2 August 2015

Photo by AP

PALESTINE : Baby was burnt by Israeli settler attackers, Israeli Prime Minister term it as terrorist act,will use all legal means possible to catch the killers of toddler Ali Dawabsha and bring them to justice.

The aim of the settler attack on Palestinians in the village of Duma was to embarrass the pro-settlement Israeli government even though it had simultaneously approved the building, "immediately", of 804 new Jewish settlements in Beit Eli and in Jerusalem.

The settlers' heinous attack, which probably came from the nearby Maleh Efraim settlement, is said to be part of a continuous wave of attacks on Palestinians by settlers, reported by Al Jazeera. 

Reacting on this attack, Israeli PM Netanyahu said, What differentiates Israel from its neighbors is that “we denounce and condemn these murderers and will chase them [until we find them], while [our neighbors] name streets after those who kill children.”

Since 2004, settlers had committed 11,000 attacks against Palestinians, and that all those cases were registered by Israel as acts committed by unknowns after superficial investigations for a few hours, and then the cases were closed.

Let see what happen to this terror attack. 


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